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Elevate Pro - Sport Analysis Camera Mast

Telescopic Elevate Pro Sports Analysis Camera Mast

Mast goes up in seconds





Elevate Pro Sports Analysis Camera Mast view1

End of pitch sample view





Elevate Pro Sports Analysis Camera Mast view 2

Corner of pitch sample view









Elevate Pro Sports Analysis Camera Mast

Elevate Pro - Portable Camera Mast System for Sports Analysis


Get a different perspective of your teams performance in a match or training session with the Elevate Pro Sports Analysis Camera Mast system. Sports Analysis is becoming more affordable and its use by coaches of all levels has seen big improvements in both performance and results. Our system has been developed with input from leading coaches in the world of rugby and football but its uses are far more varied and can help you and your team seek victory whatever your passion.


Elevate Pro Sports Analysis Camera Mast is suitable for use by:

- Football Coach

- Rugby Coach

- Cricket Coach

- Hockey Coach

- School Sports Coaches

- Independent Sports Coaches

- And many more!


How does it work?


Our camera system sits up to 8 metres high and can film for up to 90 minutes at a time. A booster pack is available if you wish to record for longer periods. The elevate camera mast should usually be positioned at the side or end of the field of play although the system is lightweight and portable so you may wish to try different positions but the idea is to capture a wide shot of the match or game in progress enabling you to see everyone's position on the pitch or court.


The camera mast itself is telescopic, we have mast heights of 5m and 8m available both of which close to length of 1.2m for transportation. The camera supplied is our Elevate HD wide angle video camera and this shoots the video in full 1080p. The video can be seen live in real time if used with a smart phone or tablet and file recorded is saved onto a micro SD card in .MOV format which can easily be played pack in the vast majority of media players (both on Mac and PC) and can also be imported into other software too such as those designed specifically for sports analysis.


Usually the camera mast will be manned during use but an optional base mount or stake is available that can be used once you are happy with a given location. The base mount itself is quite heavy (5kg) which is usually enough to keep the camera mast from moving however we recommend weighting the flat weighting tray down further if you are filming in particularly exposed areas. If using on playing field or soft ground the ground stake is ideal for stablisation.


It is also possible to output this feed to a large screen should you so wish.


For hire and payment plan options contact us here


rElevate Pro Sports Analysis Camera Mast olympic sports



Ideal for coaching analysis:

Photo from wireless insPhoto from sports analysis camera

Photo from sports analysis camera 2

Photo from wireless inspection pole camera

Photo from sports analysis camera 4

Football & Soccer Analysis

Rugby Analysis Camera

Cricket Analysis Camera

Hockey Analysis Camera

Photo from sports analysis camera 5

Photo from sports analysis camera 6

Photo from sports analysis camera 7

Elevate Sports Analysis

Basketball Analysis Camera

Ice Hockey Analysis Camera

Motorsport Analysis Camera

Elevate Your Sport!




What can you expect from the Elevate Pro Camera System?

8m sports camera analysis mast



- Portable Sports Analysis Camera System


- Record HD video in 1080p


- Live view available on smart phone or tablet.


- Record from heights of up to 8m


- Extendable telescopic camera pole (Packs to 1.2m)


- Optional time/date stamp


- Expandable memory with memory card slot


- Lightweight & Quick to setup


- Very portable and easy to transport


- Optional mast stablisation using stake or base.


- Optional Live output to large screen


- Range of accessories and spares available


- UK based telephone support and advice

8m sports camera analysis mast elevated



Elevate Products

Elevate Pro - 1080P HD Full Colour Sports Analysis Camera Mast System    

8m sports camera analysis mast

Elevate Pro Camera LiveView

The complete system. The lightweight Elevate Pro wireless camera has its own internal battery and will record the view from on top of the mast. With the use of a smart phone or tablet (not included) you can view the footage live on where video can be viewed in real time. You can also output to a larger screen should you wish to do so too.


Choose from 2m, 5m and 8m Elevate Camera mast. Base for Elevate Mast Included.



1080p HD Video recording

Live view video feed (with smart phone or tablet)

Camera mast height of up to 8m


Kit Includes:

Elevate Pro Wireless camera unit (60g)

Elevate Camera mast.

Camera mount


Quickstart instructions


Booster pack for extended recording time.


+ P&P


Mast Height


Extended running time





Elevate Pro Mast and Camera Mount  

P8m sports camera analysis mast

Elevate Pro Mast


Mast and camera Mount Only. Fit your own camera on the Elevate Mast.


You may already have a camera you wish to use so you can buy the Elevate Pro Mast separately. Choose from 2m, 5m and 8m Elevate Camera mast.


A camera mount is supplied that will fit your own camera with standard 1/4" camera mount thread. We recommend cameras with good battery life that can record in full HD and have a relatively wide angle for filming. IPhones can actually be very good if used with a case. Please see our full guide below).



Camera mast height of up to 8m

Fit your own camera.


Kit Includes:

Elevate Pro Camera Mast.

Camera mount

Quickstart instructions




+ P&P


Mast Height





Elevate Accessories  

> Stablisation

The Elevate Telescopic Camera Mast is designed to be lightweight and very portable. In most cases the mast is manned (ie someone is stationed with it at all times) and the person doing this will often turn it from side to side in order to pan the camera and follow the action. If the mast is manned then there is no requirement for any stablisation.


Sometimes however the mast will not be manned or extreme windy conditions may mean that some stablisation is helpful. In these cases we have 2 solutions, either the Ground Base Stand or the Ground Stake.


Elevate Ground Base Stand    

Pole Bung for roof inspection pole camera

This heavy weight base stand is useful if you plan to use your mast in a single location for a period of time without manning.


Its metal construction is usually enough to leave the pole free standing (depending on mast choice) but you can also weight it down with extra weight using the flat panel base if required.


Ideal for most surfaces inside or out.



+ P&P





Elevate Ground Stake

Pole Bung for roof inspection pole camera

The Ground Stake is useful for stablising the pole when used outdoors in a location with soft ground such as playing fields etc.


Often the stake can be pushed straight into the ground but sometimes a wooden mallet or similar may be required to get in in to the depth required.



+ P&P




> Other Accessories

Screen Holder Mount

Monitor holder for swimming camera.

If you want to mount your monitor or receiver screen on the pole then the Screen Holder Mount is ideal.


The mount is adjustable to fit the screen and can be positioned anywhere on the pole.


+ P&P






In-Car Charger

In car cigar charger for underwater training swimming camera

In-car cigar charger for use in the car or mini bus etc, ideal if you need to charge the kit up on the move.


+ P&P





Wall Charger

wall charger underwater training swimming camera

Wall charger for use with the Elevate system.



+ P&P




Elevate Lanyard

Lanyard for underwater training swimming camera

Handy protective lanyard for the Elevate monitor (Live View).


As the monitor is often hand held during use rather than being mounted on the pole it can be useful to have it in the lanyard during use.


The lanyard can be worn around the neck and has a transparent holder attached which will keep the monitor safe and while still being usable.


+ P&P







Pole Travel Bag

Telescopic camera pole travel bag.

Travel bag for your telescopic camera mast.


Great bag for storing your pole in and to keep it protected during transportation. Keep your pole safe and dry.


Made from heavy duty nylon with drawstring closer.


+ P&P







Replacement bung

Pole Bung for underwater training swimming camera

Replacement rubber bung as supplied with the Elevate Camera Mast.


If you need a spare or have misplaced your own this part is essential for keeping your pole in check!





+ P&P







Sports Analysis Camera

Interested in under water sports analysis for swimming or triathlon?


See our submersible SwimCoach System


Sports Analysis Camera image



Win a camera!

Every month we give away a camera so leave your details below to be in with a chance to win. We'll also send you info on our latest products and news on any discounts too!



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Elevate Pro Camera Mast Hire


If you would like trial the Elevate Pro Sports Analysis Camera System for a week or two or perhaps only need the camera for a single session then you may like to hire a system. If you decide you'd like to keep the system after the hire period then the hire price can be deducted from the total cost.


Contact us about hiring the system here.


Further Info  


Tell me more about the Elevate Pro Sports Analysis Camera System?


There are various solutions to filming at height. Scaffolding or cherry pickers and great but can be expensive and are not really portable. There are also fixed and vehicle mounted telescopic camera masts and filming systems but most are not designed with sports in mind as its important for the kit to be as portable as possible.


Our Elevate Pro Mast technology is a mobile solution for use during Video, Sports and Performance Analysis. Its designed to be a completely stand-alone solution where video footage can be captured straight to the ElevateHD camera then used with any of the popular sports video analysis software such as Coaches Eye, Prozone, Sportscode, Dartfish, Sports Performer, Verusco, Vistrak, Feedback Sport, Silicon Coach, Spinsight and many more.


Our telescopic Elevate camera masts are totally portable and available in three sizes. 2m, 5m and 8m (6ft 5, 16ft, and 26ft) with even the highest weighing in at only 2kg and folding down to 1.2m they are seriously portable and easy to store too.


The Elevate Super Base Mount can be used on any terrain and avoids the need for someone to hold the mast in place during the match.


The ElevateHD camera is the perfect match for the Elevate Pro Mast as its lightweight waterproof body and 1080p HD recording technology are designed with the job in mind. You can of course use our camera mast with your own waterproof camera or camcorder if you want to build your own version.


Our Elevate LiveView upgrade comes with a monitor which allows you to see live video footage from the camera on top of the pole to aid positioning of the camera system pre match. It can also be used to output the live video feed from the monitor to a larger screen so that other coaches or spectators can see the match live from the elevated positions of the camera.


Elevate Pro Sports Analysis Camera System is easy to use, easy to operate and can be set up and put away in under five minutes. We also offer a full range of accessories and spares as well as custom and bulk purchase options. Contact Us if you need something specific!






Can the camera be left alone on the stand?

Yes. If used indoors or outside on a good day the camera will quite happily stay up on the stand. In windy conditions however we recommend the camera is manned or that the stand itself is weighted down with with a few sand bags or similar. The benefit of having the camera manned (especially outside where the field of play tends to be larger) is that that person can follow the action on the field and pan the camera so that the action stays centre screen. If you have any budding cameraman this is a great job for them!


Can I use this without the stand?

Yes. The system is totally portable and if manned (ie with 1 person holding it) it can be used without the stand. ideo is a valuable tool to support the coaching process but its effectiveness is based on many things. The main challenge is to ensure you are able to capture quality video footage as any subsequent analysis relies on having quality footage in the first place. HD footage is the best way to do this as it gives you good depth afterwards to see the detail required.



Guide to using an Elevated Mast Video Camera system for sports match analysis


Mini guide for performance analysts or sports coaches looking to capture video footage for sports analysis of professional, amateur or grass roots sports matches and events.


Good video footage

Video is a valuable tool to support the coaching process but its effectiveness is based on many things. The main challenge is to ensure you are able to capture quality video footage as any subsequent analysis relies on having quality footage in the first place. HD footage is the best way to do this as it gives you good depth afterwards to see the detail required.


Viewing angle

It is best to get an elevated position over the training ground or field of play as filming from ground level does not give any perspective as to the distribution of players, the distances between them or the team shape. It can also result in important moments in a game or match being unclear as the view may be obscured by another player.


Tripod or camera mast

To gain height it may be possible to make use of a grandstand or other structure present along with a standard camera tripod. Otherwise the use of a telescopic camera mast or camera pole is usually the best solution which will allow you to get at least 4m off the ground. such as our Elevate Pro Mast.


Lens angle and setup positioning

The lens angle of the camera should be relatively wide so as to capture the whole pitch. We recommend an angle of around 145 degrees + or - 20 degrees. The further away from the action the camera position is, the wider the view of the action will be. If the position is too close to the field of play the whole pitch will not be visible. Positioning will vary depending on the sport you are covering but usually a position within 4m from the sideline is adequate to get the complete pitch in view .


It is important that a little time is spent choosing the best position as locations much too close or far away can make the action hard to follow, making it difficult to see the performance when subsequently analyzing it which can result in important information being missed, such as distances between players, player positioning, options for the player in possession etc.


With the camera positioned at a good height the positioning and angle becomes much easier. If the camera is mounted on a camera mast then a live image feed from the camera can be invaluable when positioning and setting up.



Obviously with many sports taking place outdoors its important to have a fully waterproof setup. The camera position in relation to the sun is also important, especially if filming when the sun is low in the sky. In any event we recommend filming with the sun behind the camera as this will give the best clarity video and best footage.



Roof inspection camera


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The Elevate Pro camera system makes sports match analysis easy. Get HD video of your sports match from heights of upto 8m with Elevate Pro Sports Analysis

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