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Cycle Camera Pro

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4Kam Cycle HDs Cycle Camera Pro

- Lightweight Cycling Video Camera and Cycle Cam


If you like nothing more than riding your bike then you'll love our 4Kam Cycle HDs pro bike camera kit! You'll be able to capture all of your cycling exploits using miniature camera technology.If you ride for longer thats no problem for our RideBooster which lets you record for 6 hours +





£249.99 + P&P


Memory Card size:




What is it?

The 4Kam Bike HDs is the ultimate piece of filming equipment for cycling, be it road or mountain bike or simply commuting you can use our miniature super light weight camera (just 38g) and our cycling camera mounts to film your rides in full 1080p HD for fun and for safety.


How does it work ?

Operation is simple, mount the camera into position on your riding hat then press record. Now you can get on with the fun part and no matter how fast you get riding the recording is safe as it uses solid state technology by recording onto the memory card inside the camera (4gb supplied, expandable to 32gb).

Once the action is over you can watch it back there and then if you have a laptop as in can connect via USB (or simply pop out the memory card). Once home you can watch the videos back on your TV or download the files to your computer where you can then burn them onto DVD or upload them to the internet!


What's included?

So what do you get? Well as already mentioned you get our super lightweight 4Kam Cycle HDs video camera along with a number of accessories. Two cycling camera mounts are included (helmet mount and handle bar mount), along with a memory card, a USB charging cable and instructions.


Want to do more?

You can upgrade to a larger memory card and a booster battery for longer running time.



Camera Type:

Modular Bullet Camera with Video & Audio recording.


1080p HD (30fps), 720p HD (60fps)


10 MP

File Format:

MP4 .MOV file

Memory Card:

Micro SD (Included 4GB), Max 32GB


Length 80mm, Diameter 23mm.



Working Temp:

-10°C to 50°C

Viewing Angle:

110 - 135 degrees


Yes (built into rear of camera)


Yes to 10m

Running time:

1.5 hours (using built in rechargable battery)


All day (If using rechargable Booster Battery)




cycling camera, cycle helmet camera system


Customer Quotes


"We love the camera, so easy to use and just what we wanted."

Win Jones


"Thanks for your advice, I went out for a ride this afternoon and gave it a go. Brilliant quality, very happy with it!"

Steve Froud


"Everyone was really impressed with the quality of the footage. We had a lot of laughs watching the footage of an evening on the TV. Really good quality. I will be sure to be telling the guys in the club to get one!"

Rupert Willis








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