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Wide angle bullet camera package

£299.99 + P&P


Action Ready Package - AIR Pro

If your favourite pastime is looking down on the earth from above, be it from a glider, parasail or plane we have a mini camera system for you! The new WIDE ANGLE Action Ready Package™ AIR Pro is here!


Wide angle bullet camera package



How does it work ?

Depending on your chosen form flight you'll fit the camera into a different mount (chose your preference when purchasing). With the camera in place simply hook up the kit up and press record. Now you can jump out of a plane, do a loop the loop or just ride the air stream for a little while taking in the views. The wide angle 4Kam 'WideBoy' camera will capture all the action for you during this time saving the footage to the shock proof DV4 solid state recorder.


Once the action is over you can watch it back there and then on the mini DVRs built in screen. Then once home (or back to a laptop) you can download the files to your computer where you can then burn them onto DVD or upload them to YouTube!


What's included?

So what do you get? Well the package includes everything you get in our regular ARP but with the addition of the wide angle version of 4Kam, the 'WideBoy', which is better suited to filming in air activities. You'll also get our High Gain microphone which is more sensitive than our regular version, and again is more suitable for us in the air.


4Kam helmet camera, snowboard bullet cam

 4Kam 'WideBoy' Bullet Camera

DV4 Helmet Cam Recorder

 4Kam DV4 Evo Digital Video Recorder


High Gain bullet camera microphone
 4Kam High Gain Mic (More sensitive for in-air action)




Customer Quotes


"I had a go at doing some video and it works GREAT! :-)"

David Ferguson


"I received the package a couple off days ago so it's arrived. thanks for the service... I just tested it and i love it!"

M.Martinez - Netherlands


"Just to let you know I am thrilled with the kit and the clarity of the cam is superb. I would certainly recommend your goods! I am very pleased with everything!"

Harvey Hanson




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