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Solid State Video Recorders for Onboard Cameras and Helmet Cams


4Kam DVR - Solid State Video Recorders



Although 4Kam first started working with cameras it soon became apparent that the recording device was just as important. If you're using a mini bullet camera of any description you'll need a recording device with analogue input (AV-IN) to record the footage.



What's bad?

There are a number of off-the-shelf camcorders that have AV-IN functionality but they are often bulky and heavy. If you're doing an activity which is likely to subject your equipment to vibration you may over time encounter reliability problems with a camcorder.


Another mechanical device which has moving parts is a hard drive recorder. This works just the same as the hard drive in your PC. If you pick up your PC and shake it, chances are it will crash. Hard drive recorders will handle vibration and shocks badly too, so if your sport involves jumps, acceleration or anything else likely to spill your cup of coco they are best avoided.



What's good?

After hearing (and experiencing) problems with the above for many years we now only recommend 'solid state' recording devices. Solid state means no moving parts and therefore no problems with shocks or vibration. You can even play 'catch' with our DVR's and they'll keep on recording!


All our DVR's are solid state and have 'flash' memory built in, this means you can record directly onto the DVR itself. You can also expand its recording capabilities using solid state memory cards. Each DVR we sell also has a built in monitor, this can help you setup the camera correctly and to see what you're filming. You can also use it to watch back the footage you've just recorded while still on location. Once home you can connect the DVR to your TV and watch your videos on the big screen or connect to your computer. Doing this it will appear as an external hard drive, so simply drag and drop the videos onto your PC. You can then watch them back, edit them and upload them to your website or YouTube!


   The Recorders

4Kam DV2 Solid State Video Recorder

DV2 Solid State DVR

DVR Solid State Video Recorder - DV1

The DV2 video recorder is our latest standard resolution model of DVR superceeding the popular DV1 design. While its not as advanced as the DV3 or DV4 its a steal at £109.


4Kam DV3 XT Solid State Video Recorder

DV3 XT Solid State DVR

DVR Solid State Video Recorder - DV3

The DV3 XT is an update on our popular DV3 video recorder. It features a large viewing screen and modes such as PowerSave. This model has now been discontinued.


4Kam DV4 Evo Solid State Video Recorder

DV4 Evo Solid State DVR

DVR Solid State Video Recorder - DV4 Evo

The DV4 Evo is our latest offering in digital video technology. It excels in all areas offering DVD quality video recordings, can be started via remote control and is PowerStart enabled.



Free Guide to Onboard Cameras (pdf file)

Our free guide is designed to give newcomers to the camera scene a heads up on technology including solid state DVRs.






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