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RideRecord - Bicycle Video Camera



Wireless Bicycle Camera, cycle cam





Wireless Bicycle Helmet Camera, cycle head cam

RR camera on cycle helmet




Mini Cycle Video Camera

RR camera on handle bars / stem




Wireless Bicycle Camera, cycle seat cam

Rear camera under bicycle seat




RR - Mini Lightweight Cycle Video Camera

- Discreet, aerodynamic, lightweight.


Are you a cyclist? If you are then you'll most likely ride a nice bike but do you have a cycle camera? Mini cycle cameras are really taking off at the moment and none more so than the discreet RideRecord Cycle Camera.


The RR Cycle Camera is smaller than a pack of chewing gum so not only can it be helmet mounted but the camera can be positioned pretty much anywhere on the bike, such as your front forks, seat, seat post, chain stay...where ever! You can also fit 2 cameras if desired for filming both forward facing and behind you.


Being a cyclist you'll also know how important weight is on the bike, for that reason the RR Cycle Cameras are just 14g each, that's lighter than your speedo!

Wireless Bicycle Camera, cycle video cam

Creative mounting on chain stay!


The main reason for having a camera on your bike is safety but there are other uses too:


1 Safety -

How many times have you had a car door open just as you were riding past or perhaps a careless motorist pull out in front of you to nearly knock you off? Wearing the RR Cycle Camera will mean you have video evidence in the event of any accident ensuring you can make a claim for an injury or damage to your equipment.

NB: This is especially important if you commute to work by cycle.


2 Fun -

Have you ever wanted to film some of your rides to show your friends and family just what you get up to while out on the bike? Relive that speedy decent, some sketchy cornering or just marvel at the scenery!


3 Ride improvement

If you ride in cycle races or cyclosportive events then a video of your performance can be an invaluable tool in improving your ride performance. It can also make a great memento of the event to look back on in the cold winter months!



Whatever you want to do with the video its easy, just connect the camera to your PC or laptop and the files are ready to watch, edit, burn to DVD or upload to YouTube.


Using the camera is easy too:


1 Plug the camera into your computer to charge via USB.

2 Film your ride.

3. Plug back into your computer, download (or delete) the video files and charge for next use.




The RideRecord Bicycle video camera:

- has a built in microphone.

- records video on to a micro SD card.

- common AVI video format (High Resolution 720x480).

- optional time and date stamp on video.

- built in lithium battery for upto 120 mins running time on full charge.

- USB connection for easy charging and PC download.


Supplied with SuperVelcro. This is a versatile and easy to use fixing which will hold the camera firmly in place but also allows quick release of camera when you get to work or a cafe stop on a ride.


Dimensions at largest points:

H 10 mm

W 25 mm

D 70 mm


Weight - 14g


Memory - 2GB Micro SD Card included (expandable to 16gb)



Camera Options:


Mini Cycle Video Camera

Single Cycle Camera

RideRecord Bicycle Video Camera


1x RideRecord Bicycle video camera as above and accessories.

£99.99 + P&P



Dual Mini Cycle Video Cameras


Dual Cycle Cameras

Dual RideRecord Bicycle Video Cameras


2x RideRecord Bicycle video cameras.


Ideal for mounting:

1 x forwards facing camera.

1 x rearwards facing camera.


Enables the user to capture both in front and behind views when riding. Cameras can be bike mounted (ie on handlebars and seatpost) or can both be helmet mounted.


Includes 2 complete camera sets with accessories.



£179.99 + P&P







Wireless Cycle Video Camera Video

Handlebar mounted this video filmed on Mount Verbier gives you a flavour of sort of video that can be achieved with the wireless RR Camera.




Thumbnail Gallery - Stills taken from RR videos.

Mini Cycle Video Camera 1 Mini Cycle Video Camera 2 Mini Cycle Video Camera 3 Mini Cycle Video Camera 4
Mini Cycle Video Camera 5 Mini Cycle Video Camera 6 Mini Cycle Video Camera 7 Mini Cycle Video Camera 8


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New product - Rearview camera for bicycles

See whats coming up behind you as you ride without the need to turn around or use long mirrors. Mount the camera under your seat and the screen on the handle bars, all powered from the mini 12v battery. You'll wonder how you ever rode without it!


    Cycling Rearview Camera

£169.99 + P&P







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